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The Anniversary Activity of Chengdu Better Electronic Co., Ltd.


The Anniversary Activity of Chengdu Better Electronic Co., Ltd.

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On June 26, 2017, we celebrated the anniversary of the company and the establishment of Chengdu branch, where we held a grand anniversary celebration for her. At this exciting moment, we bear in mind 



 On June 26, 2017, we celebrated the anniversary of the company and the establishment of Chengdu branch, where we held a grand anniversary celebration for her. At this exciting moment, we bear in mind the care and support of our leaders and colleagues. We can well remember the guidance of the management and the hard work of the staff. We build our company from scratch and witness its growth and development through an ordinary yet extraordinary road. Achievements were made. In retrospect, historical fragments of passion flashed, finally they integrated into a scroll of development history, in which our colleagues play significant parts. Last year, the company continues to grow and develop, which requires more excellent colleagues to join us. For a bright future of electronics industry and   the harmonious development of the company, it is necessary to introduce a number of innovative talents. With new blood, we will refresh, enabling the whole team to be more dynamic, ready to fight. The working style that makes best use of the advantages and bypasses the disadvantages contributes a lot to our success.  Staff here work with passion and vitality. At the same time, we overcome the difficulties together with mutual support. Along the road of development, we make efforts, sweat, and fight in union for our belief in perseverance and strive. With the efforts, the indicators are double compared to the same period in the past, 

which makes us understand that there is no hardship or difficulty that can stop us. The company led by the leadership and all our teammates will keep up with the pace of time, and endeavor to innovate and grow.
       Chengdu Better Electronic Co., Ltd. is young, passionate, with a group of youth interested in electronic capacitance. For a long time, we have been exploring a way to promote the rapid development. Through the organic integration of various types of resources, we aim to create an overall efficiency, and to constantly explore the demands of common market so as to promote universal products. Therefore, Better can maintain its rapid growth with vitality and efficiency.
        Besides the continuous innovation and development, we adhere to the spirit, that is, "serve the community to promote enterprise development, contribute to the enterprise to pursue personal progress". We actively carry forward the spirit of red, and the spirit of the Chinese War of Resistance against Japan. Our ancestors made sacrifices in the war. Having learnt their admiring spirit, we hope that the positive energy will accompany the company to go further, and to impart the cooperate culture. Meanwhile, the company has gradually established a set of long-term development strategy based on the management mechanism, so that our company can run more efficiently.
        Though it’s a wonderful ideal, our company is still at the beginning phase. At present, the company has entered a critical period in which we need to accelerate development, an opportunity but also a challenge. We will face it as a team, with the corporate culture as the core. Better’s business philosophies should also be carried forward, which are   profession, quality, technology and service. We believe that our company is sure to become China's leading brand of electronic capacitor and to move to a broader market.