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Mission And Vision


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Our mission: through continuous product updates, to make life more convenient and environmentally friendly
Our vision: to become the benchmark film capacitor manufacturing industry!
Our philosophy: Integrity,win-win,Respect,Innovation

The increasing tendency away from the pure “low-price-philosophy” is primarily due to the customer’s desire for further improvement of his own product quality. As a film capacitor professional manufacturer can only be sustained if the advantage of a lean and flexible organisation is combined with excellence in technical innovation, productivity and customer orientation. Another aspect is the necessity to achieve a synergetic reduction in “grey costs” caused by repairs and line stoppages. So the extraordinarily close and intense co-operation between the departments of Sales, Research & Development, and Production is the keystone of our success.Along with acceptable prices for our products, we guarantee:high reliability and safety of our products and services.flexibility, fast and ever punctual fulfilment of our commercial obligations.Overall target of our team is highest quality and total customer satisfaction.